This Is Me

Exchanging contacts has never been easier. With This Is Me app your client can get all the data that you want to share in a few seconds – using NFC technology.

Business powered by technology

This is me products use NFC technology which allows contactless exchange of data or contacts using your phone

Data management

Once you are registered, data that you want to share using This is me products can easily be added, updated or removed

Easy information sharing

Be aware of new technologies. Do not type contact data manually. We are here for you. Become a part of contact database of your friends or business partners

I have bought This Is Me card – what now?

Activate your personalized profile in three easy steps



Protect your data with email and password combination. When you complete the registration process, a new profile is created and you can edit your data used on This is me products.


Connecting card with profile

After successful sign in, all you have to do is enter a card serial number that you received when buying it. Click on your product and insert all the data that you want to share.


Saving and sharing data

By saving entered data, your product is ready for use! Touch a back of mobile phone with your card - whenever you want and as many times as you want


This is me products are eco-friendly, they use technology for your needs. No need for printing hundreds of paper business cards – now you only need one.

Without unplanned expenses

Updating data does not require any additional expense. This is me products can be reused and you’ll never run out of them.

Update option

You have changed your mobile phone number? Not a problem - update option is a solution for you. With one click updated data is downloaded on your friend’s phone.

Easy to use

Get needed data in three easy steps...


Unlock the phone...

To start using NFC technology it is only needed to turn it on in your phone and keep it unlocked.

Alt Text


...touch the phone with a card...

NFC chip is integrated in This is me products and it can exchange data with smartphones.

Alt Text


... and download contact.

Phone will automatically start downloading contact data.

Alt Text